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We are pleased to announce that online sale for Art Center Ongoing 10th Anniversary Book has started! We only printed 250 copies, so hurry if you’re interested ;)

About the Book
January 2018 marks its 10th year of Art Center Ongoing since its establishment in 2008. Art Center Ongoing has maintained its space by artistic activities, not depending on any major financial aids. Thinking of this 10th anniversary milestone, we have decided to produce a book as a record of this small, but always exceptionally active space. We have published a document book which covers all the activities during the ten years. We hope this book can reach many people who are interested in what is going on Japan’s alternative art scene.


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・Foreword:Nozomu Ogawa (Director, Art Center Ongoing) [Language*Japanese / English]

・Essay on Japan’s alternative art scene:Ren Fukuzumi (Art Critic)[Language*Japanese / English]

・Over 230 exhibitions and other activities (Description and photos):Description by Nozomu Ogawa [Language*Japanese (Titles and names of artists are also in English)]

・Short Essays:Ongoing and Me [Language*Japanese]
- Taro Amano (Chief Curator, Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino)
- Eriko Kimura (Curator, Yokohama Museum of Art)
- Hiroyuki Hattori (Independent Curator)
- Makiko Hara (Independent Curator)
- Tsukasa Mori (Director, Tokyo Artpoint Project)
- Tomoko Yabumae (Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo)
- Shingo Yamano (Director, Koganecho Area Management Center)
- Others including over 20 artists and friends

・Interviews:Staff and artists [Language*Japanese]

・Manga Comics:Tomohiro Nagahata (a.k.a. Family Restaurant) [Language*Japanese]

・Afterword:Nozomu Ogawa [Language*Japanese / English]

* 416 pages for total
Author / Supervisor: Nozomu Ogawa
Editor: Kazumasa Nishioka
Design: Kosuke Harada
Translation Manager: Yukie Hirokawa

* The production cost of this book was collected through a crowdfunding project below. We truly appreciate those who support and love Art Center Ongoing. Thank you!
(The project page is only in Japanese, but you can see photos of boxes, which artists made for this book.)