2020.08.05 - 2020.08.16
¥400(with tea)
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Following is a text by Yuta Hayakawa for this exhibition.
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I guess I like <shape>. Yes. There was a time when I may be trying to make myself believe that I liked it, but now I have settled on the thought that I actually like it. Not only in the context of the arts, but in history numerous shapes have been created for thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of millions of years. I sometimes wonder if there’s still anything left for me to do, but there still is, for sure. By the way, when I say shape, I’m not only talking about objects, just to let you know. Oh well, this is almost like a religious faith, maybe I do try to believe that I like it.

I perceive <me> and <not me> (In other words, <not me> is <everything else other than me> or <the world>. I need me to perceive the world.) from <shape> and its surrounding phenomena. I manage to recognize myself by intervening in the shape and phenomena. This intervention is the tricky part. Depending on how to get involved, I may be repelled, be swallowed or be completely ignored. In the process, I can get hurt or lose myself. This happens all the time. Then after many times, suddenly <me> and <not me> can get switched.

I’m not talking about right shapes or wrong shapes (there’s no such thing!), but I’m talking about a good distance between <me> and <not me>. More or less, I try to control the results somehow, whereas they have their own behavior. After all, each of us has one's own Ikata. (Ikata is my made-up word to describe one’s way of being / the way how one exists. I just like the sound if it.) These things are all important, it's not just a matter of balance. I was very scared of COVID-19, but in the end they're the same.
The exhibition “Shape for Shape” is about all the following things: <Me>, relationship between my artworks and <me>, the artworks themselves, relationship between the artworks and <not me>. The works I’m showing at this exhibition is a new series called “i am you”, and this “you” is <not me>. Well, as usual, sorry for my writing. Even I’m not sure what I’m writing, but at least tried to articulate what I’m doing.

As I go on with my art practice, maybe someday I go back to a point where I say, “I don’t know if I like it anymore” again. I apologize in advance. But please come to see my artworks. They are more eloquent than I am anyway…


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All the talk events will be broadcasted on Youtube Channel of Art Center Ongoing as part of ”Ongoing Studio" our new online talk show program.

No tickets needed, but you can make donation to support us via Paypay or note (Japanese blog page https://note.com/a_c_ongoing).

Please note that the talks are in Japanese. If you're interested in further details, please email us.

August 4th (Tue) 19:30~
Ongoing Studio 2020/08/04
“About Shape (Pre Ongoing School)”
Guest :Motohiro Tomii (Artist)

Yuta Hayakawa gives a talk about his exhibition. We’re very excited to have Motohiro Tomii to dig deeper about the theme of shape together with the artist.

August 8th (sat) 19:00~
Ongoing Studio 2020/08/08
“The Real Me:Body, Psyche and Society”
Guest:Akiko Kinugawa (Artist), Kento Nito (Artist)

Hayakawa with two guests will talk about a sense of self from various angles.

August 15th (sat) 19:00~
Ongoing Studio 2020/08/15
Introducing the most recent shocking reading: “Reclaim the Language How to deal with a sexist”.
Guest: Nozomu Ogawa (Art Center Ongoing)

Yuta Hayakwa will introduce his most recent recommended book!