2020.07.01 - 2020.07.12
¥400(with tea)
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The following texts are from Hikaru Suzuki.

This exhibition presents a new project that I started in the middle of April 2020 together with an Argentinean video editor living in Buenos Aires, in response to the novel coronavirus spreading.
Actually, for this exhibition I was thinking of showing a film I had been working on since last year, which was shot in and around Yokohama Chinatown. And I was planning to go to Thailand in April. I already bought the flight tickets and also stopped taking jobs for the trip. I know people say "Life doesn't go as planned," but this time things are way harder because of not being able to meet people in person. This has been the biggest hurdle that I've never experienced before.

【About the video letter】
1: I sent my questions.
2: I received a reply video letter 3 weeks later.
3: I sent a reply video letter 2 weeks later.
4: I thought it was the end of our video exchange, but I received the reply 1 month later. 
That was June 27 (sat), 2020.
5: Now it's my turn to reply.

During this exhibition, I am going to complete my reply video and send it. I set the deadline to be July 6 (mon). I hope you can see this very "ongoing" project at Art Center Ongoing.

【Exhibition Statement】
This video letter project started in reference to "Correspondencia" between Jonas Mekas and José Luis Guerín, and the documentary, fiction, expression and art in this show were made after the outbreak of coronavirus in this global society.
Franca Malfatti is an editor of TV drama and cinema, who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentine. She and I, the two artists living on the opposite sides of the earth exchanged video letters like Jonas and Louis. The process will be screened and exhibited at Art Center Ongoing.
This project was made possible thanks to Video artist Nele Wohlatz who teaches documentary at University of Fine Arts Hamburg, and it's been like a miracle for me. I've been having a close connection with Germany for 8 years now, since I started living there in 2012, but actually before Germany I was living in Havana, a Latin American country. In this sense, this might be a transition time for me; maybe my European term came to an end and I'm moving towards the Latin American term. This exhibition may be a turning point and I hope you can come and witness this "point".

(Hikaru Suzuki)

All the talk events will be broadcasted on Youtube Channel of Art Center Ongoing as part of ”Ongoing Studio" our new online talk show program. No tickets needed, but you can make donation to support us via Paypay or note (Japanese blog page https://note.com/a_c_ongoing).

Please note that the talks are mostly in Japanese. If you're interested in further details, please email us.

Ongoing Studio 2020/07/04
July 4 (sat) 19:00~
Talk event
Guest:Satoshi Nishizawa (Photographer, Filmmaker)

Satoshi Nishizawa and I have never really talked about each other before, so this time I want to take time and do that with him.

Ongoing Studio 2020/07/11
July 11 (sat) 19:00~
Talk event
Guest:Katsuya Okuma (TV director, Filmmaker)

A lengthy conversation with Katsuya Okuma about film, art, expression and perspective of the one who creates TV programs and documentary films. Also about film making, cinema and the current situation of ourselves.

Ongoing Studio 2020/07/12
Juky 12 (sun)15:00~
Hikaru Suzuki gives a talk about the exhibition.

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