2020.03.04 - 2020.03.22
¥400(with tea)
□opening hours
March 7th (sat) 18:00~
Talk + Opening Party

Talk : Let's say we actually get "Sunburn After Swimming in a Painted Pool"
Guest: Hiroyuki Oki, Nao Nagata, Akira Takaishi, Reiko Matsumoto

Admission: 1000 yen (Party food +one drink + entrance fee 400 yen are all included)

"Sunburn After Swimming in a Painted Pool" is the title of a group exhibition upcoming in June 2020, organized by Haruka Saito and Reiko Matsumoto.
Exhibiting artists: Hiroyuki Oki, Nao Nagata, Haruka Saito, Akira Takaishi, Motohiro Tomii and Reiko Matsumoto

What is "sunburn" after "swimming in the painted pool"? Using some reference works, the members will try to explain or deepen the understanding of the concept. This is also their attempt to create verbal drawings.

* There will be a live streaming of this talk. (The talk will be in Japanese.) After the talk, we'll have an opening party. To minimize the risk of COVID-19 spreading, we will serve a traditional herbal medicine soup to each participant, not a usual sharing style. Hopefully the warm soups will boost our natural immune system!

March 14th(sat)19:00〜
Concert by hoypoy

Hoypoy is a music duo of Ryo Ikeda (vocal & guitar) and Haruka Saito (violin). They're now greatly interested in a hypothetical theory that origin of words actually comes from singing. The name of the duo comes from "hoy" (today in Spanish" and "poy" (go in Tamil).

March 15th 15:00~
Pre Ongoing School

The artist will give a talk on the current exhibition.
Participation: 1500 yen (with cake set or beer. Entrance fee 400 yen is included in the fee.)

March 21th (sat)19:00~
Talk "Reading/Seeing of Life"

Guest :Kazushi Hosaka(novelist)
Participation:1000yen(1drink+Entrance fee 400 yen are included. Please note that this talk will be in Japanese.)

When I work on my paintings, there's always a feeling that what I do on canvas cannot be a perfect documentation of how I live in this time and space. Then, Mr. Hosaka's words echo in my head. Those words are the observation of the relationship between reading and documentation from his novel "Dokusho Jitsuroku (Reading Memoir)" p21. At the beginning of this novel, "transcription" is described as an act of reading and writing simultaneously. Taking this as a starting point, I'd like to hear Mr. Hosaka's thoughts around writing / reading and documentations as well as many other things.

March 22nd (sun) 18:00~
Talk "The Contour of the Sunburns"

Guest:Nao Nagata, Akira Takaishi (via Skype), Motohiro Tomii, Reiko Matsumoto
Participation:1000yen(Newspaper+1drink+Entrance fee 400 yen)
※There will be a live streaming of this talk. The talk will be in Japanese.

The group exhibition in June 2020 "Sunburn After Swimming in a Painted Pool"
The exhibiting artists will get together and discuss the meanings of holding an exhibition in this world and its possibilities, using keywords like "naming" "motif" "notes" and "repetition".

✳︎ Sunburn newspaper "LINE" will be distributed.