Art Center Ongoing is a complex art institution consisting of a gallery space introducing must-see artists who lead today’s trends in art, with a cafe and a bar space used as a communicational place where visitors are welcome to read old and new art books, also the institution includes a library booth providing extensive information on artists compiled by our own artist network. We actively set up events such as symposiums and live events searching for the possibility of expression that is ongoing. What's going on in art now? Please visit Art Center Ongoing that opens up a new ground for expression’s future through new connection.

Art Center Ongoing
Director Nozomu Ogawa

About Art Center Ongoing…

About Art Center Ongoing… Do you know about the exhibition called "Ongoing" that was held every year for 5 years between 2002 to 2006 in places like Tokyo and Yokohama? As the name suggests, “Ongoing” was a special exhibition with an 'ongoing' concept. With the people who were born in 1970s gathered together to invite public participation of the same generation. All the participants presented their work and critiqued them as a group, and from there exhibiting artists were chosen. By holding up this as a central system, we searched for a new way of the existence of art. This project was an experimental attempt that without relying on existing value or system, examining what kind of expression is born and thinking what is its interest by bringing it out and sharing them with the society.
In "Ongoing," a wide variety of creators with various visions was participated. Gradually that original generational frame was disappeared resulting in building hundreds of artist network. At the same time this process was a time of various discovery and investigation relating to contemporary expression. Also the way of closed art world and the problem of powerful consuming society, which consumes expressions so easily, these aspects all led to motivations for founding Art Center Ongoing.
We aim to provide an abundant space to get in touch with spirited works and its theme in everyday life not as a passive consumption but as an active assimilation, Art Center Ongoing will continue this ongoing challenge.